Chax 3.0 Alpha 6

Another alpha, hopefully the last one before I do a final 3.0 release. As with beta 5, you need to manually download and update if you’re running beta 4 or earlier. Using Sparkle to update from beta 5 should work smoothly.

The big new feature is a completely redesigned log viewer. The interface has been modernized and two new modes to browse logs have been added. In addition to just viewing the raw transcript, the log viewer will pull out the images and links that were in the conversation, making it easier to find a particular image or link you’re looking for.

Also back after a couple year hiatus is auto-reconnect. It works for me in simulated tests, but I’d like to hear how it works for people who have continual connection problems.

If you’re still having any problems, please keep reporting them and I’ll see what I can do. One issue that I am aware of that still hasn’t been resolved is the activity log and Growl notifications for status changes not appearing.

Changes from Chax 3.0 Alpha 5:

  • (New) Redesigned log viewer with an updated interface and the ability to browse images and links
  • (New) Option to attempt to automatically reconnect when the connection is lost
  • (New) Added “Show in Log Viewer” to the contact list contextual menu
  • (Bug) Fixed reordering statuses in the Edit Status Menu sheet
  • (Bug) Fixed crash when receiving an invitation to a group chat

Download Chax 3.0 Alpha 6


  1. dgk

    I, too, had to resort to a manual download/install to get from 3.0a5 to a6. For me, all seems to be OK except that the “Add a Buddy” (“+”) button doesn’t do anything in the combined Contacts window.

  2. Jeremy Boyd

    I just want to confirm needing to manually install a6. After I downloaded the installer and the Updater opened up, it asked if I wanted to remove or reinstall. I clicked

  3. Jeremy Boyd

    (Sorry for the double post. Errant clicks.)

    I just want to confirm needing to manually install a6. After I downloaded the installer and the Updater opened up, it asked if I wanted to remove or reinstall. I clicked reinstall and it asked me where ChaxHelperApp was. Couldn’t find it so I canceled. It gave me a success message and on restarting iChat I had Chax back.

    I also had the blank combined buddy list problem, and hiding/unhiding Groups fixed that issue.

    This is on 10.6.2 build 10C540, 2.16 GHz C2D, 2 GB RAM.

    Thanks for all your work. You make iChat usable!

  4. Danny Peck

    If your contact list disappears immediately after opening, just try, from the combined buddy list window, going “offline” then immediately back online again. Worked for me.

  5. Vit.golovin

    Now donated you a few bucks. Pleasу fix this fucking html for client qip and other non-official.It’s very-very serios for me.

  6. c4pt4i

    fix html пожалуйста, иначе что толку то от чакса вашего?!!

  7. @pplesticker

    Thank you for making this great iChat extension! Since alpha 5+6 worked fine for me, I think it’s time for some feature requests 😉

    1.) Thanks to the new “When quit iChat, set my status to Offline” option in SL (which I have turned off), I don’t have to keep iChat running after I finished a conversation, I just press Apple-Q and iChat disappears into the Menu Bar. I looove this new feature, there is just one disadvantage: When running in the Menu Bar, iChat doesn’t automatically switch my status to “Away” after the time, I specified in the “Secrets” PrefPane or in the PList. Could you please add this feature in Chax?

    2.) is a feature known from Adium and other Jabber Clients: The possibility to set different Jabber Priorities for the “Available” and “Away” Status. This is a great feature in cooperation with an iPhone/iPod touch Jabber Client: I can set the Available-Priority higher and the Away-Priority lower than the Priority on my iPhone/iPod touch that when I’m “Available” on my Mac I get my messages there and when I’m “Away” from my Mac I get my messages on my iPhone/iPod touch.

    I’d be very happy if you could add these two features (I know, they aren’t easy ones), but they would help me a lot!
    Thank you!

  8. Florian

    There is still the icq html-bug – Can you fix it? That is my primary reason, why I use chax – Thanks 🙂

  9. Vit.golovin

    If you partners use QIP to fix HTML-tag problem they must download last version from and all will work!!!
    Если ваши собеседники используют квип и у них проблема с  HTML-тегами от вас-пусть скачают последнию версию с сайта, на нее приходят нормальные сообдщения!!!Проверил у 3 человек

  10. Aaron

    I installed Chax A6 and had the blank contact window too. I disconnected and reconnected one of my accounts (mobileme – I have a few gmail accounts always running in iChat) and when the mobileme buddy list loaded, the problem went away for all my accounts.

    Hope that helps.

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