Warp 1.1 includes the often-requested click-to-warp functionality. Warp's click-to-warp also serves as a quick preview of what's running on your other spaces. You can also check out how this feature works by watching this movie.

This verison also includes new localizations and resolves an issue where Warp could trigger while the screen saver is active.

Changes from Warp 1.0.1:

  • Added Click-to-Warp option that displays a live preview of a space when you move the mouse to the edge of the screen. Clicking the preview warps to that space.
  • Warp will no longer activate while the screen saver is running
  • "Warp mouse when switching spaces" is now disabled by default
  • Added German localization (thanks to (Peter Reibel))
  • Added Japanese localization (thanks to Yusuke Sugiyama)

Download Warp 1.1


Stan Lemon at 2008-02-27 18:20:19 -0500

Awesome! Great new addition!

clint hime at 2008-02-27 18:43:08 -0500

I like the window that pops up, but it doesn't seem to respect the minimum wait period. I set it for 1 sec wait, but if i hit the edge with my cursor and move it a tad, it will still pop up and be clickable. If i hit a wall, and move it to the other side of the screen, the pop up window flashes for a second. Does that make sense? Let me know.

brian h at 2008-02-27 18:55:36 -0500

I have a general question about what I find to be the main reason I can't get used to using spaces (compared to Virtual Desktops).... would it be possible to implement a desktop picture/background switch on a warp to a new space? What's missing from spaces is any quick visual way to let you know what space you're in... and if you're like me with a lot of open windows, they all kinda look the same after a half a day of working. Is this something that Apple would definately have to include, or could it be done thru a utility like Warp? Any thoughts? Oh. yeah... warp is great though and i'm really trying to get things setup again to try the new version. Thanks! (and thanks for chax as well!)

Abel at 2008-02-28 09:50:36 -0500

Great work! Thanks also for the click-to-warp that give us all the natural interaction of the old Virtual Desktop, but in the new realm of Apple Spaces. I quote brian about the need of a "visual way to let you know what space you’re in": this may be a good fulfillment of this great work. The last, I noted what I think is a minor problem: when you have a double monitor configuration, with different contents on the two, the preview don't reflect the real situation of windows on the two screens. Thanks again, Abel

Neil at 2008-02-29 20:07:40 -0500

Appreciate the work very much, thanks! A small request - I'm used to using Virtue Desktops very quick click to change desktop where the edge of the screen is highlighted rather than a preview pane shown. Would it be possible to include this feature in any future release? Thanks again.

Alex at 2008-02-29 20:41:45 -0500

Wow, just saw this, and it's really cool. The only "problem" I found was when using the asteroids wrapping feature. In a 4 space setup where I am in space 1, if I move my mouse to the left edge it will take me to space 2. This is consistent with Asteroids, but it is not consistent with the way Apple's keyboard shortcuts work. Pressing Ctrl-Left in space one will wrap around to space 4, which is actually more useful because that way I can go from 1 to 4 in one step instead of two. Nifty mod, great work! Thanks from your average 16-year-old mac geek, -alex

Nick at 2008-03-01 20:29:42 -0500

Hello again Kent, Great work on 1.1 ! I really like the preview feature. Unfortunately, I am still having the issue with application switching, and switching from dock icons becoming broken when warp is enabled. I have pinned down the cause of the issue on my machine: When warp is enabled, and some applications are running, including itunes everything is fine. If I plug my ipod into the usb connector, then application switching breaks if warp is enabled. The only solution is to disable warp and restart the machine. This is a consistent failure, that happens every time I plug my ipod in when warp is enabled. I will check to see if the same issue happens when mounting other disks or hardware. I really hope this can be solved, as I REALLY love warp! Thanks, Nick

Will at 2008-03-02 20:16:40 -0500

+1 for Neil's "where the edge of the screen is highlighted" because space doesn't allow more than 4 columns in a row, I have 2 rows, what I really miss is when I'm on space 4 and touch right screen's border it goes to space 1, I would really appreciate if you could add a preference to go to next space (5 in my case) and when last space is visible, it goes back to space 1 Great work!! Thank you!

DJL at 2008-03-02 22:38:48 -0500

I just have started using Warp, and love it -- great tool! One suggestion for further development: I like the "click screen edge" mode with the preview and having the choice to NOT switch spaces if I don't want to. And I don't disable it on the Menu/Dock edges, since I find it useful to be able to move in those directions. But since I occasionally unintentionally hit the edges (and not just the Dock/Menu edges) and bring up the preview, it would be nice to add a "dwell time" feature, settable if possible, that specifies the minimum time the mouse should be at the edge before the preview comes up (or the switch is made, in the other mode, perhaps). I originally thought that this was purpose of "activation delay" but it doesn't seem to be. I bet I'm not the first person to suggest this...

Steve at 2008-03-03 17:26:56 -0500

Thoughts/problems with 1.1: Long menus sometimes cause the preview to pop up at the bottom of the screen. My Safari bookmarks menu goes to the bottom of the screen, and sometimes the preview of the space below the current space pops up. Sometimes the activation delay is ignored when hovering in the dock or menu bar. The preview will pop right up as soon as I touch the edge. Sometimes the preview pops up even after I've moved my cursor away from the dock or menu bar. Separate options for warping on the dock and menu bar. Instead of one option to disable warping on these two sides (or 1 side if the dock is placed on top), you should be able to select if you want to warp when over the dock or over the menu bar. Otherwise, a great program!

Steve at 2008-03-03 21:13:00 -0500

Another thought: for the Dock and menu bar, if you click in those areas before the activation delay, the preview should not appear because that would indicate that you are clicking in a dock item or a menu. Hovering against the edge of the screen in those areas until the activation delay time should produce the preview.

japtor at 2008-03-05 03:55:39 -0500

I'm noticing the ignoring the wait thing too with click to warp. It respects the setting for when the little window shows up, but that timer gets set off right when it touches the edge. Otherwise I'm liking click to warp quite a bit, particularly since I accidently changed spaces a lot (even when remote desktop'd in). One request though: an option for a smaller, basic click thingy (whatever the click box is). Something maybe 16 to 24px square with just the space number on it, still with the nice dock style transparency and outline of course. The preview pane is quite large and can obstruct a lot if I was aiming to click something along that edge. I have some ideas with regard to preventing accidental activation, if they are possible at least. It could (optionally) check for mouse movement when at the edge. Like if I have the mouse at the edge of the screen and not moving, chances are I want to change spaces, otherwise I'm probably doing some action like scrubbing along the dock. The activation timer would only count when the mouse is idle. For the dock edge, can the click box show up behind the dock? That way the open edge is still available to click to change while not screwing around with fitt's law on the dock. Similarly (in conept) for the menubar, is there a way to figure out unused space and only activate the click box in those areas (maybe ask Turly how he does it with FinderPop)?

Lister at 2008-03-05 06:42:02 -0500

Another nice option would be a fixed position for the click to warp box to appear, perhaps in the middle of the edge by default. Maybe allowing it to be dragable while a modifier is held. I have a high DPI "gaming" mouse, and often when i mouse to the close window widget, the cursor will bank off the left screen edge long enough for the timer for the click box to start, and if i haven't closed the window or moused away in time, i'll end up switching spaces. Otherwise, love Warp, it feels so natural, like it should have been included in the original design for Spaces.

table at 2008-03-07 18:59:09 -0500

Could we get click to switch desktops a la VirtueDesktops? That is, a very narrow margin on the left and right sides that when clicked, will transport you to the space to the left or right of the current one. The preview while nice looking is not that helpful and activates far too easily.

andres at 2008-03-08 04:23:30 -0500

Thank you for sharing, really useful application. Can you add an option that allows the view of all spaces (instead of clicking F8)? Maybe by tapping a corner 2 or 3 times, sort of a double (or triple) click but with the mouse arrow on the screen sides or top.

Josh at 2008-03-09 19:00:27 -0400

Great app. I wonder if it'd be possible to add a button at the top of every window that would allow me to move the application/window to another space? I currently do this in Windows with UltraMon and it's a very useful feature.

Soarer at 2008-03-16 10:20:56 -0400

Great update Thanks! The preview/click-to-warp is awesome!

Soarer at 2008-03-16 17:58:31 -0400

But unfortunately, as others here have mentioned the preview gets in the way when one wants to get something in the dock. This could be solved by the preview disappearing if the mouse pointer gets say, a few milimeters or any short distance away from the edge. That would do it I think. I'd like to suggest that the preview could also show the space number in the middle of the preview display with semi transparent numbers.

Eric Crissman at 2008-03-27 17:54:19 -0400

This is excellent! I am a web designer and I am always switching spaces between Photoshop, coding apps and browsers. It was frustrating to not be able to easily switch desktops without having to use the dock icon or keyboard. This is makes Spaces so much more usable. Thanks!

ktswami at 2008-04-10 14:00:22 -0400

@DJL +1 Hey, great work with Warp...very useful! After regular use, I was looking for a way to minimize accidental edge touches that invoke the preview window (outside of a jittery mouse due to too much caffeine). I thought maybe the activation delay may help but that just makes my problem happen in slow motion. Maybe consider popping up the live preview just to the side of the mouse. Sometimes I'm trying to do something near an edge and I invoke the live preview by mistake, and have to move my mouse away to get ride of the preview. I'm also finding that sometimes live preview is getting invoked on hot corners now and then. Consider widening the protected zone a bit, in the corner... Works great, though...THANKS!

Stephan Widjaja at 2008-04-11 19:36:16 -0400

Hey, great app, have used it for a while now, and really like the preview window. However, as has been noted, preview window doesn't respect the delay period, and becomes very annoying, when working close to the edge. Example my toolbars in office, and photoshop are near the edge and accidently touching the edge, even with delay set on 2s will pop-up a preview, then i have to move my mouse far away from the edge and try again. Because off this i sadly decided to remove the app, as it was slowing my productivity instead of enhancing. Hope the problem gets fixed, That will make this the best addition to spaces.