I've received a lot of great feedback on improving Warp and I'm doing my best to make improvements based on the feedback. One feature that didn't make it into 1.0.1 is click-to-warp, but I hope to get that working for the next version.

Some users have reported issues with being unable to switch spaces with command-tab or by clicking on applications in the Dock. As far as I can tell, this issue seems to be a bug in the system itself, although Warp may be helping to trigger the bug. There have been a few threads on Apple's discussion boards regarding this issue, and some users there have suggested restarting the Dock through the Activity Monitor or with the Terminal. I'm hoping that a future system update will resolve this problem, but I'm continuing to monitor the issue.

Changes from Warp 1.0:

  • Greatly improved handling of multiple monitors
  • Warp now works when dragging items
  • Warp ignores input when Time Machine is active
  • Areas where hot corners would be are now ignored
  • Reduced chance of accidentally warping more than one space at a time
  • Added option to wrap around spaces
  • Added option to ignore edges with the Dock and menubar
  • Added French localization (thanks to Ronald Leroux)
  • Added Italian localization (thanks to Claudio/CreativeShield)

Download Warp 1.0.1


Alec Peden at 2008-01-20 03:13:13 -0500

Can you explain what "Added option to wrap around spaces" is and how it works?

Bar Ryba at 2008-01-20 07:17:22 -0500

I have a PowerBook, and actually I never use a mouse. Nevertheless I downloaded Warp. I use the same trigger key in combination with my arrow keys (Spaces) or cursor & border (Warp) to switch spaces. Whichever is faster; it goes intuitive. The only thing that I find a bit annoying is the inability to switch diagonally, going for instance from upper left to bottom right (I use 3x2 spaces). Therefore what I am missing in both Spaces and Warp is a pager which I can trigger to show up as a bezel (underneath my cursor) giving me an overview of all my spaces (with possibly an outline of my windows inside each space, like Virtual Desktop was having). Clicking in a space in the pager would then switch to the corresponding Spaces desktop. That would make Warp an essential app, at least to me. Thanks!

Tekl at 2008-01-22 07:54:18 -0500

What about an Option to Wrap only while dragging and not on normal movements?

unixwzrd at 2008-01-25 11:20:50 -0500

Just got the new version of Warp. Works great and the wrap-around is fantastic! The edge flipping seems much more behaved now. Also, my hot corners work nicely again. Great job!

Bill at 2008-01-25 13:44:45 -0500

Thanks for Warp! I just this week starting trying to put Spaces into my workflow and immediately noted the PITA that is keyboard-only navigation. Warp is definitely appreciated. I'm finding it really easy to inadvertently get into a "warping loop". I find that after the first warp to another space, a tiny reverse of mouse direction will sending me flying back to the original space. The "warping loop" starts then by mousing back again a tiny bit in the other direction. I end up with lots of space flipping and my eyes a bit unfocused. :-) It would be a good option for me if Warp would position the mouse in the center of the destination space after a warp. That would put it well away from a warp-activating border, and would leave the mouse in a consistent location after every warp. With the current behavior, I don't really know where the mouse it going to end up after the warp. E.g. if my eyes were just focused on the mouse at the right edge of the screen, after a warp they are still focused on that spot but the mouse is elsewhere (because we're on a new space). An alternative to explore would be to position the mouse in the destination space at the same location as it was in the previous space. I expect Warp to change my spaces, but not necessarily my mouse position. If it has to change the mouse position, I'd rather see it go to the middle of the destination space. But if it didn't change the mouse position at all, that might work well also.

Soarer at 2008-02-09 06:40:02 -0500

Thanks for Warp! I've been looking for this since I switched to Leopard. I have a fine idea IMO -a feature request for Warp. I'm sure you've thought of it: If one could define the width of the triggering area in the options it would be easier to summon the dock without accidentally switching to the space below and avoid other accidental switching. There's no need to have the trigger area fill the whole edge in my opinion. It could be just an inch wide and placed where it would be most convenient, maybe even light up when the mouse gets near or touches anywhere on the edge. Click-to-warp would be really really great too. But it's already great so Thanks again!

CJ Yetman at 2008-02-12 01:40:07 -0500

I have noticed a somewhat troublesome affect while having Warp installed. I have the screen saver lock set, so you need a password to get back in. When the screen saver is on and locked, and you go to log back in, Warp still works, another words, you can drag the mouse to the side and the login box disappears to another screen and then you can do it again to get back to the login box. OK, a little strange and annoying, but no biggie. Then I discovered that if you do this--move to another screen and then back again while on the screen saver and the login box--when you come back to the screen with the login box, the password field is no longer active and if you type something, it will register in whatever window is open on that user account!!! So for instance, open a TextEdit document, start the screensaver, let it lock, wiggle the mouse to login, drag the mouse to the side of the screen, then do it again to get back to the login box, type something (don't reselect the password field yet), then click on the login box and type in your password in the login box. When your account comes back up, you will see your TextEdit document with whatever you typed while the screen was supposedly locked! This is probably not the fault of Warp, it just enables you to take advantage of it for some reason. It seems like a big gaping security hole in OS X. I tried it on 10.5.1 and 10.5.2. Very strange. Maybe you could look into it and/or notify Apple. Thanks!

Naseer at 2008-02-12 15:58:09 -0500

Thanks for the update. The small movement to make it avoid multiple warps is great and was sorely needed. And hot corners are more error-free which makes Warp less "grabby." But the solution to complete give up warping from the edges that have menubar and Dock is not a final solution, IMHO. I still want to go up and down by warping. Can I suggest somehow observing the velocity of the mouse, and only warping when the value is above some user-controlled threshold. Most times I want to warp, I usually hit that edge aggressively. That way if I'm puttering around the menu trying to choose something or up in the top right in the pref panes status area, I won't get warped. And based on the Star Trek worldview, that's how you have to "Go to Warp" by building up speed (remember the movie when Zephram Cochraine developed the first FTL ship...!!!). So there's my support on this suggestion... Hope it's not too hard to accomplish. Again, thanks for the great utility...

Soarer at 2008-02-14 17:07:16 -0500

Your suggestion is a fine one Naseer. If that is possible to accomplish I'd like to see that as well!

Chris P. at 2008-02-25 01:01:54 -0500

Yes, thanks so much for putting out Warp, to add some much-needed functionality to Spaces. I want to encourage the addition of a small feature found in VirtueDesktops that I eventually found to be my perfect trigger for switching spaces. I currently rely on what I've found to be the perfect response time to a bump on the screen edge, but it still feels just a little bit awkward. In VD, there was the option to activate the switch with a coordinated mouse click at the edge of the screen. I found that this option avoided any accidental switches, and still gave me the immediate response I craved, without having to reach for the keyboard. Anyway, keep up the great work on the product, and please consider my suggestion. cheers, /chris p.

Daniel S. at 2008-03-03 01:44:29 -0500

One feature I would love to see is when you hover over the side, you can slide up and down once or twice in order to switch. This would be great to avoid accidental switches. The preview method works well, but this is one other way. Thanks for the great app!