Changes from Chax 2.1:

  • (New) Options to disable the screen saver when receiving a new text message or AV chat
  • (New) Options to auto-hide the contact list and message windows when iChat is inactive
  • (New) Clicking a Growl status change notification now opens a new message window
  • (New) Menu item to mute all iChat alert sounds in the Audio menu
  • (New) Selecting "Buddy List..." from the iChat menu extra now shows the unified contact list
  • (New) German localization (thanks to Basil Brunner)
  • (New) Italian localization (thanks to Marco Cavazzuti)
  • (Bug) New messages when auto-accept is enabled no longer immediately pop to the front
  • (Bug) Unified contact list now saves window size properly when quitting iChat while offline
  • (Bug) Improved search results when searching with the log viewer
  • (Bug) Unified contact list now functions when waking from sleep
  • (Bug) Fixed a crash that could occur when disabling an account
  • (Bug) Moving a contact into a new group now properly updates the unified contact list
  • (Bug) Installer will no longer crash when running on Mac OS X 10.4
  • (Bug) Installer now warns if the installing user is part of the group wheel

Download Chax 2.1.1
Download Chax 2.1.1 Source


Steve Grenier at 2008-01-17 13:39:12 -0500

Right on man, keep em coming :)

Stan Lemon at 2008-01-17 15:32:48 -0500

Great work! Thanks again.

Timothy Colburn at 2008-01-18 19:09:30 -0500

I started using chax back with 10.4 tiger. When Leopard came out, I installed the leopard editions of chax on 2 different machines, an iBook G4 and an Intel Mac Mini. It was working well on both machines, until recently. The Mac Mini quit displaying the notifications all of a sudden. I simply turned on the mini one day and they no longer worked. I have uninstalled both chax and growl several times, made sure that all the settings were on and correct and I still can't get it to work. They continue to work great on my iBook G4 with no problems. So, I decided to copy the chax and growl files from the system folders and copied/replaced them onto my mac mini, but it still doesn't work. I don't understand why it just stopped working all together, even when uninstalling and reinstalling. Currently, on both, I have Growl 1.1.2 and Chax 2.1.1. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try to what to change? I remember reading a while back that someone had to change the default notifications to what they wanted, I did try that as well but it didn't work. Like I said, everything is enabled (as far as I know all that I have to have is the enable notifications checked (like it is by default) and to make sure that it is enabled under growl. I believe that it is something with growl, but I am not sure.

Timothy Colburn at 2008-01-18 19:30:46 -0500

Turns out, I figured out the problem. It was growl. I have a logitech mouse that I use with my mac mini. The problem was with Logitech's Scroll Enhancer. Apparently it conflicts somehow with growl's notifications. It was suggested that I delete it and restart. Upon doing so, everything works again. So, incase anyone else has that problem with similar circumstances, try that. Hopefully the scroll enhancer isnt needed...

Jonathan at 2008-01-22 00:24:08 -0500

Just a request regarding the new unified list... would it be possible to implement an option to let the Menu Extra open it instead of the default buddy list, rather than an automatic default? The AIM buddy list is the only way (currently) to select the "Invisible" status, which I can't do from the unified list. Until the unified list can do that, I'd rather just actually get the AIM buddy list when I select it from the iChat Menu Extra.

Randall at 2008-01-23 15:25:59 -0500

I think this is a great program and am trying it out. A few questions though: Sometimes the ichat buddies don't show up unless I totally log out and restart ichat (happens frequently). Any chance that invisible can be added to the status options? Can the "Contacts" window be somehow added to the window menu in ichat so that it can be selected with "command-#" like the others? Also, the windows doesn't always resize, for example if all of my contacts go offline, it doesn't collapse. Again, just started trying this out and it's great, now I use Ichat instead of Adium.

Vasil Tashev at 2008-01-23 18:08:43 -0500

Hi there, great app! I found one bug... when you enable Auto-Reply with Away Message, iChat still send HTML code for bubles to ICQ clients. Also if you use Cyrillic there is another problem - messages are sanded to Growl in UTF-8 that is not correctly visualized. You can find how to fix Cyrillic in incoming messages here - But they are still submitted in UTF-8 to Growl. Thank for great app again!

chris at 2008-01-27 02:37:41 -0500

great work!!! i had a quick question, is there any way, on the unified contact list, to merge buddies as how you can within the AIM and jabber windows? ex: John Doe is signed in under 2 usernames, if i have them under the same address card, they will display as one name in the buddy list.

Álvaro Amorim at 2008-01-27 10:12:18 -0500

Hello, Thanks for all of your work. Just two request: 1 - An option to stop unified contacts window! 2- An option to put the messages tabs below the chat window insted the default lateral beavoir. In older Chax version we can do that! Thanks again Álvaro

chris at 2008-01-27 16:25:58 -0500

oh, also, I am very thankful that you fixed the 'new message changes tab focus' bug. this is wonderful, however now every time i receive a new message, the whole message window pops to the front (original tab focus remains the same). is there an option setting i'm missing?

Mary at 2008-01-27 17:13:23 -0500

Hi, I used chax when I had Tiger and it was great. Now that I have leopard the chax seems very different. The buddy list doesn't display the groups and I can't change my status to invisible. Why is that?

Alex Hall at 2008-01-27 17:20:40 -0500

Even with this version of Chax, I still seem to have crashes occur when I loose connection to aim. The sound of a reconnect occurs, but then nothing is displayed on the buddy list. Afterwards it crashes. I used this command to log all of what occurs with iChat /Applications/ -errorLogLevel 7 It displays these lines when it reconnects: 2008-01-27 16:16:26.782 iChat[1597:10b] *** -[NSCFString peopleListItem]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1831b000 2008-01-27 16:16:26.783 iChat[1597:10b] Incoming invocation [:account:buddyPropertiesChanged:] threw: *** -[NSCFString peopleListItem]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1831b000 Segmentation fault

Mark Vincent at 2008-01-30 09:28:10 -0500

hi, many, many thanks for keeping up with chax development, even though apple seem to have *ahem* borrowed some of the earlier implementations. I came across an issue with the latest version, though it might have been prevalent on earlier versions; with chax installed I was unable to receive some attachments. I say some, as I'm sure I was getting jpegs show in-chat, but mp4 files, dmgs, zips, and other types would not come through, resulting in the error either 'Failed' or 'Unexpected error (possible xxxxx did not respond in time)', where xxxxx was the sender initiating the transfer to me! I uninstalled chax, and all files came through ok. I don't have any earlier leopard versions to play with to see when the bug crept in, but it wasn't always this way. Infact, look at the logs, it might even be that the previous version I had was ok. Any chance of sending me this version so I can try it again - if it works, I'll let you know. Again, many thanks, and I just thought I'd give you a heads up this way, rather than put it on macupdate, etc. Cheers from Sweden Mark (I tried sending this via the post page, but too many characters, apparently)

Mark Vincent at 2008-01-30 10:05:48 -0500

ok, I found the 2.1 image file in the downloads section, and all is peachy now a bit later I'll reinstall 2.1.1 and have another try cheers

Armen at 2008-01-31 10:36:38 -0500

Hi, thanks for Chax, it's a great enhancement to iChat! I think I've found a bug, and I'd like to share this to see if others can reproduce it. When using the View Logs command, the most recent conversations don't show up. One needs to restart iChat to see the logs of the latest chats. Do others see this behavior as well? Thanks, -A.

P T Withington at 2008-01-31 12:30:56 -0500

Second the request for merged duplicates in the contact list, although I can see how that could be difficult. --Happy Donor

Eric Dodds at 2008-01-31 13:58:16 -0500

I am in love with Chax. One weird problem though... Whenever I use the combined contacts list option, iChat constantly wants to crash (especially when I wake from sleep or am regaining a lost internet connection). Has anyone else experienced this? The normal AIM Buddy List does not seem to cause crashes. Is this a problem with the other accounts (Google Talk) or Chax? Thanks for the awesome product!

Alex Hall at 2008-01-31 18:09:39 -0500

Eric, I have been having a similar problem during a reconnection. I have gotten dozens of crash logs with the same problem, with the same error: Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at [insert memory address] I use the combined chat window, though just using the aim window causes them as well.

Jason at 2008-02-01 22:51:26 -0500

Great improvements! What is the status of the otr evaluation? Is this still a possibility in the future?

Edgar at 2008-02-02 14:24:42 -0500

hey this is really awesome, been using it for a while. I would like in maybe a future version a setting to import contact icons to Address Book automatically that would be cool

dvd at 2008-02-04 00:34:24 -0500

Anyone still having the errors involving the "Activity.chaxActivity" file, I fixed this by removing the file from $HOME/Library/Application Support/Chax/

P T Withington at 2008-02-07 08:21:28 -0500

Hey, one other idea: Would it be possible for auto-away to optionally be auto-offline? This would be handy for AIM accounts that will automatically forward to your SMS device when you are offline. Thanks again for this great product. --Happy Donor

M2000 at 2008-02-10 14:12:26 -0500

Hello. Your program is REALLY geat. BUT I have discovered what seems to be a small (but very annoying) bug: after a wake from sleep not all of my online contacts appear in my "unified contact list". They all are in the AIM and jabber windows, but not everyone, like 50% of my online contacts, in the unified window (and I can't find the link between those that don't appear...) If I quit an relauch, all is good again... Thanks for your program anyway.

Jolit at 2008-02-15 17:55:04 -0500

Suggestion: how about incorporating something like More iChat Smileys 3.1 set into Chax? And have it an optional addition. These additional smileys are very helpful when talking to native msn people, in my case, who can't imagine anybody using anything else. As Chax is an addon to iChat, and so are those smileys, I think they would go together... Just an idea, otherwise I'm really happy with Chax and can't wait to see how it will keep on improving! Cheers.

Stefan at 2008-02-16 05:29:59 -0500

Hey, first of all: thanks for this great iChat enhencement :) Really love it! But I wondered wheather it's possible (& easy to do) to reimplement the old tabs available in 1.5 because the new ones shipping with iChat 4 enlarge the chat windows that much…I'd love to have them on the bottom again! Is this still possible (even though you plan not to)? Best regards

UnConundrum at 2008-02-18 22:59:14 -0500

I guess I'm dense, but I can't find the unified list. Can someone help me out? I have jabber, AOL, and Yahoo accounts I'd like to have in one unified list. Thanks.

Albo at 2008-02-19 12:58:25 -0500

It actually confused me too. You'll find it under Window, right at the bottom of the menu, call "All Contacts".

Peace Freak at 2008-02-20 19:50:21 -0500

Every time I click on Buddy List in the iChat Menubar item the Buddy List and Contact List BOTH come up! There should definitely be an preference to choose one or the other. Both showing up is a real pain!

Ben at 2008-02-22 13:41:53 -0500

Thanks for making this great piece of software. Would it be possible in future versions to be able to drag contacts into groups in the "all contacts" list? Currently this only seems to work in the individualized "AIM Contacts" or "Jabber Contacts." Thanks

Mike at 2008-02-22 20:39:54 -0500

Issues with Activity log. Tells me "The file “Activity.chaxActivity” could not be opened because it is not in the right format. The file might be corrupted, truncated, or in a different format than you expect." I've uninstalled and re-installed several times, reinstalled leopard all together. I can use the program but cannot see the activity log and I always get the box telling me that it won't work which is very obnoxious. Please help, thanks!

Josh at 2008-02-25 15:15:48 -0500

You're my hero. Thank you for adding the auto-hide feature! I'm low on cash right now but I'm gonna have to make a donation in the near future. I appreciate your work on this. One thing that would be cool to have auto-hide on would be the "transfers" window too. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dan at 2008-03-02 19:50:48 -0500

I'm also getting dialog box: The file “Activity.chaxActivity” could not be opened because it is not in the right format. Happens every time I start iChat. If I uninstall Chax the message goes away; if I reinstall Chax the message returns. This is 10.5.2, on PPC.

rick at 2008-03-17 00:10:46 -0400

Hey There, Why was the ability to hide your audio/video status icon removed from the newest version of chax. Is it that leopard prohibits the ability to do this? This was my favorite feature in chax. Could this ability be reinstated

Jeff at 2008-03-17 13:13:23 -0400

Love Chax, but long for the pre-Leopard tabbed window implementation. The Leopard iChat tab windows are 1) too big 2) too revealing (don't need to see the line of text from other users when they update in the background) and 3) ummm... don't work? For some reason new chat windows pop up outside of the main tabbed window, and there's no way to combine them (like Chax used to do with ease). :( :( :( Is there a reason why Chax tabs can not be implemented in Leopard?

meatleg at 2008-03-17 22:42:14 -0400

hi! i still looooove! chax! one very small bug though. in the All Contacts window, if i close a group, it resizes the list according to the position of the bottom of the window. To i always have to reposition the window after i open/close a group since i like the windo to be at the top of the screen. the individual iChat and jabber windows dont do this, they give priority to the top of the window. im on a Powerbook G4. anyone else notice this? thanks again! erich

Chris at 2008-03-18 22:44:18 -0400

Good stuff, but here are a few things I noticed so far (been using for awhile, haven't found too many problems): When I have automatically accept text invitations and someone that isn't on my buddy list ims me, I can't display the message. Ichat just tells me that so and so sent me a message without showing me the message. Also, I think Chax disabled my menubar menu, but I haven't uninstalled to check this. The option to make the unified list NOT come up would also be appreciated. I like Chax to run in the background and do simple stuff like accept text invitations, but I don't need two buddy lists floating around.

cbolin at 2008-04-03 00:10:45 -0400

I am using Chax 2.1.1 (but have tried 2.1.2b1. I am using Leopard 10.5.2 All of a sudden the unified contact list is no longer unified. I dont' know what I did or changed. I uninstall ed (using the installer) and deleting all ichat plist files, reinstalling and still the AIM chat list has active users and the Jabber list has active buddies. The Contacts list only has Jabber contacts. I did the same then with 2.1.2b1 and it still isn't resolved? What did I do? This is the main use of Chax for me. any idea?

cbolin at 2008-04-03 14:39:06 -0400

I have been playing around with this and have found something odd. I added SmarterChild and it does show up in the unified buddy list. So I have one user who does not show up in the unified list no matter what I've tried. They do show up in the AIM buddy list in iChat but not in the unified buddy list. Any ideas?