Chax 2.1 Beta 1

Auto-accept for file transfers is back in this version, along with auto-accept for AV chats and screen sharing. There is also more fine-grained control for auto-accept, allowing you to accept files or AV requests only from specific contacts or on specific accounts. Other features returned from Chax 1.5 are auto-away controls, a quit warning, and the ability to go away when the screensaver activates.

Also new is the inclusion of a unified contact list, which displays all contacts from all logged-in accounts. It will appear automatically at startup on first run, but it can also be shown from the Window menu. You can’t yet add or remove contacts from this list, but it will immediately reflect changes made to the original contact lists.

I’m still getting a few reports of people unable to get Chax to work on their upgraded 10.5 installs, although the new installer with Chax 2.0 solved most issues. If you’re still having trouble getting Chax to work, ensure that you’ve removed any old versions of Chax from ~/Library/InputManagers. Anyone still experiencing trouble should take a look at Allan Odgaard’s write-up on setting permissions correctly so that Input Managers will load.

Changes from Chax 2.0:

  • (New) Unified contact list displays all contacts from all connected accounts
  • (New) Contact list pops to the front after a short delay when dragging a file onto a contact
  • (New) Options to control auto-away and auto-away delay
  • (New) Automatically go away when the screensaver activates
  • (New) Auto-accept for file transfers, AV chats and screen sharing
  • (New) Option to warn before quitting iChat when there are open message windows
  • (New) Reimplemented hidden BlockAOLSystemMessage default
  • (New) Option to display message sender names in the Dock icon
  • (Bug) Fixed encoding problem with status changes in message windows
  • (Bug) Export icon in the activity monitor now shows a text document

Update: An additional feature readded to this version is the ability to show message senders in the Dock icon.


  1. Urbankato

    I’m having an issue with Chax 2.1b1 on Leopard 10.5.1 which is file transfers are failing when i send (receiving is okay). I subscribed to a .mac account and it worked fine with that but not with any of my AIM accounts. As soon as i un-installed Chax 2.1b1 i can send files again. Has anyone else experienced this? Would love to get this problem solved as Chax is still very useful even with the improvements Apple has made to iChat in Leopard and unfortunately this issue means i’ve had to uninstall it for now :(.

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