Chax 2.0 Beta 1

The first beta of Chax for Leopard is finally finished! A complete list of features is listed below. While not every feature that was available for Chax for iChat 3 is back, I believe the current features represents the most commonly used parts of Chax. Barring any significant problems, a final release should be available early next week. Chax 2.0 will use a standard installer package rather than the custom installer previously used. SIMBL is bundled in the installer, so Chax will now work out of the box.


  • Growl notifications for incoming messages and status changes
  • Activity log shows history of contact status changes
  • Built-in log viewer displays past conversations sorted by person
  • Customize contact list fonts
  • Display status changes directly in message windows
  • Automatically resize the contact list to fit visible contacts
  • Display buddy icon of message senders in the dock
  • Auto-accept text invitations

Fixes since alpha 3:

  • Extra Growl notifications no longer appear
  • Fixed possible visual bugs in the log viewer and contact list
  • Now distributed as a package installer bundled with SIMBL
  • Removed nonfunctional group font customization field
  • Update checker is now functional
  • Exporting logs from the log viewer works again
  • Fixed AV chats not being received properly



  1. MDinATL

    I might be missing something but one favorite function of mine was that iChax could be set to automatically log back in if iChat were to get inadvertently disconnected. Any chance that will be implemented again?

    Otherwise, thanks for the great software! 🙂

  2. Jan-Carlo

    Another feature I miss is the ability to change the tab via keyboard shortcuts like Chax 1.5 allowed and Adium does. Would be great to see it back.

  3. Herb Schulz


    The latest SIMBL (get it at ) now lets me use Chax with Leopard. Thanks!

    Good Luck,
    Herb Schulz

  4. graham coleman

    Thanks for the update, great add on for ichat.

    2 points I have noticed.

    1. Automatic hiding of ichat by clicking on the desktop is no longer there. I miss this feature.

    2. Icon in dock sometimes contiues to flash incoming message even though you have received and answered the message.

    Hopefu;;y a couple of minor points you can fix, Cheers and keep up the good work.

  5. cooner

    The beta of Chax with SIMBL is working great … on my Intel iMac.

    However, after installation I’m having the same problem as others with it not showing up in iChat … on my iBook G4.

    Just a stab in the dark, but I wonder if the problem could be related to Intel vs. PowerPC? Just a thought.

  6. Chilli

    I second Jan-Carlo. I would really like a way for a keyboard short-cut for switching between tabs. Also like Josten, I liked the tabs at the bottom.

  7. meatleg

    had problem with video chatting with a friend on a new imac with leopard. we both have the same chax installed, and had to disable the plugsuit chax enabler to be able video chat….
    still love chax…

  8. Phil

    Hi, the reason I used Chax in the past was for auto-receiving of files, which was incredibly useful for my work.

    Although your feature list says this feature is still available, no option appears in my preferences.

    Can you advise?



  9. Zev

    I was having issues too, moved the SIMBL folder.. nada. Until I installed Plugsuit… I found the old 1.5 chax plug-in, deleted that, and restarted ichat.. worked like a charm.

  10. Bodacious

    I’d really like the ability to combine contact lists from both my AIM account and my gTalk account into one contact list window. Is this possible? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  11. Jehan Alvani

    I’m seeing the same as a few other people, where I ran through the installer and it still doesn’t show up in iChat Preferences. I tried moving the Chax and SIMBL folders from /Libarary/InputManagers to ~/Library/InputManagers, but still no dice.
    I’m rockin’ 10.5 (as you’d expect) but it is joined to a domain. Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks for your work, dude. This program is indispensable, and I can’t wait to see the new version.

  12. Chelsey

    okay, after reading all these comments, and trying to run this 2.0 Beta version of ICHAX, I have finally had it work properly on my laptop.

    I figured I would share with everyone what I did, in hopes of it working out for you all that are having the same difficulties that I did.

    -I have recently installed MAC OS X [LEOPARD].
    -I have a MACBOOK laptop that i purchased within the past year.
    -I had CHAX 1.5 installed in my system until I removed it today.

    What I did to have CHAX work on my system:
    -I searched in FINDER for any item entitled “CHAX”.
    -Then I deleted this program from my system.
    -I downloaded the 2.0 BETA CHAX package with SIMBL and installed it.
    -I moved the files in your computer’s /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins to
    your home library folder at: ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins.
    -I then went to this following website to install PLUGSUIT into my system preferences.
    -After installing PLUGSUIT, the CHAX application worked great. It showed up in my
    ICHAT preferences and i was able to chat with it operating.

    I really hope this helps people who were confused at first like me. But I want to say thanks to the creator of this program. Its awesome and I can’t live without it on my MAC.

    Thanks and good luck with the work.

  13. Derren Whiteman

    FWIW: My favourite features of Chax, in no particular order, are:

    – Remembering chat window sizes and locations
    – Auto-accepting text chats
    – Auto-accepting file transfers

    With those I’m good and iChat works the way it should, at least IMO. Thanks for all your work on Chax, it really is one of those “must have” downloads for any new Mac.

  14. Dave

    Bahamut: Yes, that works… but it still requires pressing a key AND clicking — as opposed to one click and BAM! you’re in the clear.

  15. Cooner

    Jan-Carlo and Chilli, and others:

    You can set up custom keystrokes to change tabs within MacOS. Go to System Preferences –> Keyboard & Mouse –> Keyboard Shortcuts. Scroll down to the bottom of the list for “Application Keyboard Shortcuts” and select that. Now click the “+” button to add a new shortcut … Choose “iChat” for your application, type either “Previous Chat” or “Next Chat” as the menu title, and whatever keystroke you want to use … I used command-up and command-down, same as I had them set in the old version of Chax.

    Until/unless Chax updates with more tab or keystroke options, this pretty much does the job. 🙂

  16. Jolita

    If this has been asked before and cannot be done, I’ll accept the fact of course, but I wanted to ask, like Bodacious, is it possible to combine AIM and Jabber windows? Or at least be able to check on all the contacts in the menubar?

    Thanks, and great work on Chax!

  17. Alex

    I had the same issues as everyone having Chax work… I took the advice of installing the latest Chax and that worked. Thanks for Chax. It appears that Apple found many of the features of the previous Chax significant enough to build them into the newest Ichat, but not all. Keep up the great work

  18. Dudu P

    Thanks a lot, I’m really happy that you found time and energy to keep up with Chax development. One of the greatest OS X tools around!

  19. FunFred

    Wasn’t working originally…installed Plugsuit and now it works great.

    Just Google “plugsuit” and you’ll find it right away.

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