This beta has some minor bug fixes related to SMS messaging and the more info window. Also included are a few improvements to the log viewer based on user feedback.

Changes from 1.4.7 beta 1:

  • (New) Added an option to reveal log files in the Finder to the log viewer. Right-click the log viewer toolbar and select "Customize Toolbar..." to add the new toolbar item.
  • (New) The "More Info" option has been added to the Buddies menu.
  • (Feature improvement) The log viewer text view will now remember its display settings separate from chat messages.
  • (Bug) Sending SMS messages to phone numbers formatted like +1-123-456-7890 should now work correctly.
  • (Bug) The log viewer window now remembers size and position between launches.
  • (Bug) Improved URL highlighting in the More Info window.
  • (Bug) More info window should now be positioned better when using multiple displays.


David O'Donnell at 2006-12-12 17:20:40 -0500

Installing 1.4.7 beta 2 results in a Chax that reports itself as version 1.4.5 and asks if I want to upgrade.

Denni at 2006-12-12 23:12:56 -0500

Chax totally crashes my iChat. Blah.

Patrick at 2006-12-13 04:24:24 -0500

I recently reinstalled Chax v1.4.6 and the log viewer doesn't seem to function properly anymore. All the logs show up on the left hand column, but any search returns nothing. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, deleting plist and all traces of chax files. And also installing the beta version. What seems to be the problem? Thanks for the help.

Patrick at 2006-12-13 14:29:34 -0500

After perusing the chax site I discovered that you've used spotlight to search through logs. I had created a new user and transferred old logs over to the new user and I guess spotlight had not gone through those logs. I simple re-copied the iChat log folder and the chax log viewer functions normally now.

Ryan at 2006-12-14 03:06:19 -0500

Hi, in the next versin of Chax can you change the "Automatically resize to fit buddy list option" to only resize it enough to fit online buddies. This feature is currently useless if your buddy list is longer than the height of your screen, as it just makes iChat span from top of the screen to the bottom. What I'd really like to see is a way for the buddy list to only be as long as the number of people that are currently online (including people whos status is "away" or "idle") and to get longer if there are more people online than are currently visible, and to get shorter again when people go offline. There should be an option to set the minimum length as well, so if the number of online buddies goes below, say ten for example, your list won't shrink and get super duper tiny (this should be a sub check box) I imagine the preferences pane would be something like this [x] Automatically Resize the Contacts List to fit [x] Only resize to fit contacts currently online [x] Include buddies whose status is set to "away" or "idle" [x] Minimum length of contact list [10] contacts Thank you very much for listening, and thank you for improving iChat so very, very much!

Ryan at 2006-12-14 03:08:17 -0500

crap, it didn't format my post correctly, the second box was to indented once and the last two were meant to be indented twice. sorry about that

Ben at 2006-12-14 21:23:36 -0500

Being able to open a new IM window when clicking offline buddies is still very much so needed.

Rj at 2006-12-14 23:13:04 -0500

I love your program. Is there a way that you can have iChat log-in with a specfic status message? I. E. AWAY?

Chris at 2006-12-17 13:52:06 -0500

When I choose "Disable all iChat aler sounds with "check on" away and idle" I still here it anounce the person's name when I put an away message or have not been useing my computer for over 2 hours. Maybe I'm doing something wrong this is in the "notifications" tab of Chax preferences. Thanks I love the program.

JasonB at 2006-12-19 11:59:55 -0500

Great app! Any chance of seeing the option of tabs listed down the side of the window in a future version?

jordan at 2006-12-21 01:28:24 -0500

great version, I have found no problems with the current beta. There is one thing that may become helpful though. Now that AIM can send offline messages that get to you when you log back in. Is there a way that chax can allow you to im people that are offline?

Ben at 2006-12-23 16:13:11 -0500

This app is a must have for anyone talking with ICQ users. Thanks! There's one problem though. The HTML in my messages is correctly stripped and see it fine. However, if they send anything that looks like HTML back it doesn't appear. For example, I was chatting with someone on ICQ and he told me to use a certain XML tag to do something. But I couldn't see what he typed, either because Chax was stripping it or because iChat was treating it as a formatting command. Since the ICQ client doesn't have formatting, it should encode any HTML/XML entities when communicating with these clients. It's not likely they'll be trying to format output in my chat window. I hope that's clear. Please contact me if you want to discuss it.

Miguel Alemany at 2006-12-27 09:27:07 -0500

Hola - let me know if you'd like Spanish localization. Done it for a few programs and happy to help on this one. :)

Dustin at 2006-12-27 13:57:56 -0500

I recently downloaded CHAX and LOVE IT. I have used iChat for almost two years now and am so happy with the features that CHAX adds to my chatting. The only problem that I have encountered so far, is when I receive a txt chat invite, it brings up the standard "do you wana, 'minichat' window" that you have accept in order to chat with the person. this window then disappears and a tabbed window is put up on another part of the screen in it's place. THat part works fine. But if i have a window open, about to send someone a message, and they message me first before i'm done typing, their window comes up as an invite and creates a new tab instead of chatting immediately into the tab I already have open. When chatting with a mobile person. iChat starts out fine, but after a few lines, it will create a new "invite" window and freeze it while sending the text to the tabbed window i already have open. I have to restart ichat to get rid of it. If any of this is not clear, feel free to drop me a line and I will try to better explain!

Brian at 2006-12-29 17:03:00 -0500

This seems to be the place to make requests. With SMS being more incorporated in the next release, I have another suggestion. I'd love to be able to select certain buddies in my list and be notified via SMS whenever they log in. That way, whenever my boss logs in, I know to be near my computer.

jordan at 2006-12-30 23:56:13 -0500

whenever I attempt to send SMS, ( the new feature in the beta, with right clicking on the name and its in the menu...) ichat crashes...

Alex Bratu at 2007-01-01 15:28:45 -0500

I'm running 1.4.7 beta 2 and my buddy icons don't animate. I'm on 10.4.8 running the latest version of iChat.

Alex Balakersky at 2007-01-04 11:38:37 -0500

Hello, I love the things that Chax adds to otherwise a feature limited iChat. I have just installed 1.4.7 b2 and noticed that while I can use "Right Click" on the buddy name to send SMS, if buddy has an international number it does not work correctly. Chax always adds "1" in front of the number. I.E. - I have a buddy in England with the number formated +44-111-111-1111 in Address Book. When I try to send SMS to that buddy, Chax formats it +1441111111111 and of course that does not work. Thanks

Erich at 2007-01-05 23:44:35 -0500

Chax really rocks! Keep up the good work!

Erich at 2007-01-06 00:00:04 -0500

^^^ To add one bit of constructive criticism to your rockin' add-on, how about an option to switch between Tor and ordinary, unencrypted iChat much like the Tor plugin for Firefox.

Frank at 2007-01-06 12:08:21 -0500

Hi, Sorry to say but with this Beta (and the latest iChat update for .Mac Security bla bla) the Video-Chat isn't working anymore (getting an Chax Error...). Could you please have a look at his issue? Cheers, Frank

Eric at 2007-01-11 20:10:37 -0500

Since I can't contact you via e-mail or anything, I'm going to leave a small feature request/improvement that I came up with after running into a slight problem: While browsing the chat logs, with your log viewer, please change the delete button to move the selected chat to the Trash Can instead of deleting the file outright. While reviewing a log, I accidentally brushed against my mouse, causing the delete button to be pressed, which woefully wiped the chat from my hard drive without a trace. I don't believe it would be a terribly difficult change, and it would prevent such disaster in reviewing chat logs. Thanks Eric

Antibush at 2007-02-14 15:12:32 -0500

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