Very few changes from beta three, just packaged up into a final release along with a very minor fix to the tab window. The biggest addition to this release is greatly improved log viewing. Also new is a floating information window that will show a larger buddy icon along with a selectable away message.

Changes from 1.4.2:

  • (New) Floating info window displays full status messages and larger user icons (access by right-clicking a user in the contact list and selecting "More Info")
  • (New) Log viewer toolbar has options to delete logs and export logs in plain-text
  • (New) Log viewer has a search field that uses Spotlight to search through logs
  • (Feature improvement) Tab overflow menu will change icons to denote new messages in tabs that aren't visible
  • (Feature improvement) Log viewer will now work in any language
  • (Bugfix) Receiving a new message when using tabs won't always bring the new tab to the front anymore
  • (Bugfix) Old iChat 2 logs now display properly in the log viewer
  • (Bugfix) Fixed a problem where opening saved chats could fail
  • (Bugfix) Fixed a typo in the German localization
  • (Bugfix) Fixed a problem where typing a reply into a new message window with tabs enabled could case the tab window to resize infinitely
  • (Bugfix) Using the tab window below the dock will no longer cause the message window to be moved above the dock
  • (Bugfix) Other minor bugfixes related to tabs
  • (Note) The Chax installation program name has been changed from Install Chax to Chax Installer


Mac.chwilami » Blog Archive » Linki z 3.06 at 2006-06-03 07:22:36 -0400

[...] âž² Chax 1.4.3. [...]

Jo at 2006-06-06 04:03:33 -0400

unfortunately, history log viewer doesn't seems to work with french language ... iChat 3.1.4 (v432)

Daohead at 2006-06-06 07:01:56 -0400

I have a bug report. When typing in the entry window, it does not resize when message is longer than one line. Additionally, as one types and hits a space between each word it jumps back to the first line and then jumps back when the next word is typed... very hard to use chat like that. Installed and uninstalled 3 times to comfirm that it was Chax that was the culprit. Other than that it is a great application... very useful. Thanks for your work.

Nathan at 2006-06-06 10:54:43 -0400

Great program! I love it. One thing - I can't get the spotlight search to work - When I search with spotlight in the menubar, it will pull up that chat - but I'm not seeing it when I search with spotlight in the log viewer. Do I need to configure something or re-index something?

Lucien at 2006-06-06 12:26:56 -0400

I too am seeing what Daohead is seeing.

zuzu at 2006-06-07 16:46:08 -0400

I don't seem to have the problem mentioned by Daohead and Lucien. Autoreconnect was the number one reason why I installed Chax. (Seriously, how has this feature gone missing from iChat proper for so long?! Instead iChat prompts a Dialog box for user input; rather contrary to the notion that computers automate work so humans can focus on more important things. I'm also loving features such as auto-accept chats and file-transfers. (Just what was the point of the "accept" Dialog and that odd window shading, anyway?) well as not pausing video chats just because I'm also transferring a file. (Why doesn't Apple put bandwidth management in the firewall/QoS where it belongs, instead of these artificial constraints in the Any particular reason you, Kent Sutherland, haven't already GPL'd the Chax source code?

dfbills at 2006-06-09 04:53:21 -0400

Floating info window is clipping off the text in long away messages. Take a look at this screenshot:

dfbills at 2006-06-09 04:54:21 -0400