Changes since 1.3.1:

  • (New) Automatically set status to away when the screen saver is activated
  • (New) Basic Growl notifications for text invitation and text message received
  • (Feature improvemet) Set custom font for group separators
  • (Bugfix) Joining a new group chat properly focuses on the window
  • (Bugfix) Saved preferred screen names ignores offline users
  • (Bugfix) Fixed a bug where an NSArray exception would be thrown (-[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (0) beyond bounds (0))
  • (Bugfix) Sending away auto-replies when using an ICQ account no longer sends HTML formatting
  • (Bugfix) Minor UI changes in the preferences

Changes since 1.3.2b3:

  • Updated most of the localizations
  • Fixed a problem with setting auto-away described here

Download Chax 1.3.2


rich ruminations » Chax updated at 2006-02-22 13:25:06 -0500

[...] Version 1.3.2 has just been released, with these changes: [...]

fraize at 2006-02-23 22:33:07 -0500

Is it possible to have iChat auto-accept video chats from specific users?

Tobbz at 2006-02-24 03:09:18 -0500

Are you planning on adding Growl support, for when contacts comes online and goes offline?

Tee at 2006-02-26 00:37:32 -0500

Tobbz, use growliChat for online/offline notification and use Chax for message notification.

Bill Stevenson at 2006-02-27 15:49:21 -0500

Installing Chax defeates command-tab switching back to iChat for me.

geo at 2006-03-01 16:55:40 -0500

1.3.2 broke connecting to AIM for me, w/o chax or with 1.3.1 all is fine