Is Chax available for Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.4?

The Chax installer says that it can not run on this system version!

There are different versions of Chax available depending on what version of Mac OS X you are running. Make sure that the version of Chax you are trying to install is the correct version for your system.

How do I prevent the donation request window from appearing when iChat launches?

Chax only asks that you consider making a donation twice after you've installed it: once after a week, and once after a month. After that, you will never see the donation window again as long as you do not clean install your system or Chax.

Is it possible to control what type of Growl notifications are displayed by Chax?

Growl notification preferences are controlled by the Growl preference pane. You can select what types of notifications to see by going to the Growl preference pane, clicking on the Applications tab, and then double-clicking on Chax in the list. A Notifications tab will appear, allowing you to select different options for each type of notification, including whether or not it is displayed.

Is it possible to block messages from aolsystemmsg?

Chax can block AOL's system messages if you enter this command into the Terminal:
            defaults write com.ksuther.chax BlockAOLSystemMessage -bool YES

Is it possible for Chax add additional support for other protocols such as Yahoo! or MSN?

Jabber transport may be used for text messaging if you are interested in using other protocols in iChat. A search on any search engine will provide more information on how to set up iChat with Jabber transport.

Are there plans to add Off-the-Record (OTR) messaging to Chax?

The possibility of adding OTR support to Chax is being evaluated, but there are currently no plans to implement OTR support. If you absolutely require OTR messaging, please consider using Adium. There is also an OTR AIM proxy that is available from the OTR developers.

iChat displays an error saying: The file "Activity.chaxActivity" could not be opened because it is not in the right format. The file might be corrupted, truncated, or in a different format than you expect.

To fix this error go to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Chax/, delete the file Activity.chaxActivity, and restart iChat.

Is the source for Chax available?

The source to Chax is availabe on GitHub.

The Chax installer says that I am part of the group wheel. (10.5 only)

Chax and other InputManagers will not function on Mac OS X 10.5 if the user is part of the group wheel. You can remove yourself from this group by typing this command into the Terminal:
            sudo dscl . delete /groups/wheel GroupMembership [your-short-user-name]
You will have to restart your system after entering this command.

Does Chax 2 provide tabs for iChat 4? (10.5 only)

iChat 4 now provides built-in tabs, available in the Messages section of iChat's preferences. There are currently no plans to reimplement the tabs previous available in Chax 1.5 in iChat 4.