Yearly Archives: 2010

Chax 3.0.2

Apologies for 3.0.1, I let a pretty major bug slip through. 3.0.2 should fix the problem. Thanks to everyone who let me know about it and were extra helpful with testing.

Changes from Chax 3.0.1:

  • (Bug) Fixed a serious crash when that could occur if using groups.

Download Chax 3.0.2

Chax 3.0.1

Update: There appears to be a crashing bug for some people using multiple accounts with groups enabled. If you’re experiencing trouble, please try out this newer build. A new update will follow as soon as this problem is resolved.

This update fixes the most commonly reported bugs I’ve received in the past few weeks. There are a couple other issues that I’m still working on tracking down:

  • Installation for users with networked home folders.
  • Chax failing to load after restarting or logging in.

Please leave a comment if you’re continuing to have trouble with either of these issues so I can try to get those problems resolved. Thanks!

Changes from Chax 3.0:

  • (Bug) Fixed cases where iChat would not reconnect properly when waking from sleep
  • (Bug) Fixed the unified contact list sometimes appearing blank when reconnecting
  • (Bug) Fixed iChat sometimes hanging when contact list auto-resizing is enabled
  • (Bug) Fixed tooltips not appearing in the unified contact list
  • (Bug) Improved renaming and deleting groups in the unified contact list
  • (Bug) Corrupted logs handled better in the log viewer
  • (Bug) The selected user is preserved when searching in the log viewer
  • (Bug) Minor localization fixes

Download Chax 3.0.1