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Chax 3.0 Alpha 5

An update, finally! I’ve been busy with school up until last week but now have some time off.

The major change in this update is that Chax is back to loading automatically when iChat launches. This will solve problems with Chax not working with the menu extra, among others. Chax is now using a Scripting Addition to do the loading, which is how most everyone seems to be handling code injection right now. There’s been some discussion in the comments over which loading mechanism was preferred, but it looks like doing this way is the best way to get things working properly. Sorry to everyone who really liked the separate launcher app 🙂

One side-effect of this change is Sparkle will not update from any of the previous versions to alpha 5. You’ll need to download and install this version manually.

Thanks for your patience! I’m hoping to have a few more updates before I head back to school in a few weeks.

Changes from Chax 3.0 Alpha 4:

  • New loading mechanism using Scripting Additions (Chax is now loaded automatically when iChat launches, rather than having to launch Chax as a separate application)
  • Fixed the unified contact list not updating when removing contacts
  • Fixed searching in the log viewer on 10.6.2

Download Chax 3.0 Alpha 5

Chax 3.0 Alpha 4

Changes from Chax 3.0 Alpha 3:

  • Readded show status changes in messages windows
  • Fixed auto-accept of file transfers
  • Fixed Growl status change alerts appearing sometimes when opening or closing a chat
  • Fixed Current iTunes Song status not working properly
  • Fixed the unified contact list not working properly after waking from sleep
  • Fixed potential crash when using auto-accept text invitations

Download Chax 3.0 Alpha 4